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Postine was Sheldukher's bodyguard.

In 2389, she was part of Sheldukher's raid of Checkley's World to steal Project FXX Q84. Sheldukher used it to help find the planet Sakkrat, which according to legends was the home of the Highest Science. The search took nearly three centuries, during which Sheldukher and his crew were kept in suspended animation. Over that time, the Project grew and became known as the Cell.

When it found Hogsumm, which seemed to match all the descriptions of Sakkrat, the Cell woke Sheldukher and the crew in 2680. While exploring the planet, they met a group of Chelonians who had been transported there from the 57th century by a Fortean Flicker. Postine fatally injured their general, Fakrid, who was able to kill her before he died. (PROSE: The Highest Science)