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The Powell Estate was a council estate in Peckham (COMIC: Silver Scream) that was built in 1973. (PROSE: Rose)

Powell Estate (Revolving Doors)

The Tenth Doctor at Powell Estate shortly before its opening. (COMIC: Revolving Doors)

While trying to siphon off of the Tenth Doctor's emotional pain, the Reach deposited him at Powell Estate shortly before its opening. (COMIC: Revolving Doors)

On several occasions during the 1990s, Captain Jack Harkness, who travelled with the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler for some time, visited the Powell Estate to watch Rose grow up, but did not approach her to avoid disrupting her timeline. (TV: Utopia)

The Ninth Doctor visited the Powell Estate in 1998 after buying Rose a red bicycle for Christmas. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle)

In 2005-2006, its residents included Rose Tyler, her mother, Jackie, Rose's boyfriend Mickey Smith, (TV: Rose) Sandra, Jason and Tina. (TV: The Christmas Invasion) Jackie first moved into 48 Bucknall House (TV: Love & Monsters) at the Powell Estate in the late 1980s with her husband Pete. It was there that their daughter Rose grew up. (TV: Father's Day, Doomsday)

The Tenth Doctor, just before regenerating, made a final visit to the Powell Estate on 1 January 2005. He observed Rose and Jackie, months before he first met them in their timeline. He also exchanged a few words with Rose before staggering back to the TARDIS, parked nearby, to regenerate. (TV: The End of Time)

The Powell Estate became the site of considerable excitement from the years 2005 to 2007, after Rose Tyler encountered the Ninth Doctor. Rose brought an amputated Auton arm from her encounter with the Autons at Henrik's. Mickey Smith threw the arm away, but it returned through the cat flap to attack the Doctor and Rose when the Doctor was searching for its signal. The Doctor deactivated the arm with his sonic screwdriver. (TV: Rose)

Mickey and Rose's mother, Jackie, were attacked and pursued by a Slitheen (TV: Aliens of London / World War Three) and at Christmas a Christmas tree came to life and rampaged through the Tyler flat. (TV: The Christmas Invasion) During the period in which the Doctor travelled with Rose, the Powell Estate became an unofficial "home base" for the Doctor, as he and Rose returned there occasionally to touch base with her mother. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

Jackie continually invited Elton Pope over to her flat, ostensibly to do odd jobs like fixing fuses, but actually so that she could seduce him. When Rose rang her, Jackie came to her senses and realised what she was doing. When she discovered Elton was looking for the Doctor and initially made contact entirely to get to him, she was extremely upset and forced Elton to leave. (TV: Love & Monsters)

The Powell Estate was one of many sites in London and around the world which were invaded by Cybermen from the alternate reality known as "Pete's World" before the Tenth Doctor expelled the invaders into the Void. (TV: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday) As a result of these events, Rose and Jackie were stranded on Pete's World, effectively abandoning their home in the Powell Estate. (TV: Doomsday) Sometime during these events Suzy Monroe went to the Powell Estate to film the Cybermen, who looked like ghosts. It was broadcasted live on Ghostwatch. After she had filmed several Cybermen Suzy left to have a look at some other viewers' sightings and was attacked by a Cyberman. (GAME: Ghostwatch)

The Doctor claimed he had picked up his accent from the Powell Estate when talking to Archie Maplin in 1929. He found common ground with Maplin by noting that the estate was in Peckham, Maplin's home. (COMIC: Silver Scream)