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Powerless Friendless And Scattered Through Space was a Hith. His original name was Daph Yilli Gar.

Gar was a crewmember of the Skel'Ske when it was captured by the Earth Empire through the betrayal of the captain, Vap Oppat Pol. The ship was brought to INITEC on Earth, where he was tortured by Tobias Vaughn for information. Pol freed him and gave him the control nexus of the Skel'Ske, so Vaughn could not properly operate it.

By then, the Hith had been defeated and their home world Hithis was going to be terraformed. All Hith were instructed to take new names as a constant reminder to humanity of what they had done. Gar took the name Powerless Friendless And Scattered Through Space.

Living beneath the Overcities, he could not deal with the memories of how Pol, who had renamed himself Homeless Forsaken Betrayed And Alone, had helped in the Hith defeat. He had Doc Dantalion remove those memories. Later he had his memory restored and notified other Hith of the location of the Skel'Ske. He broke into INITEC to seek revenge.

He wanted the Skel'Ske shut down for all the damage it had caused, but the Hith he had notified wanted to use it to restart the war with the Empire. Realising the futility of this, he used the control nexus to crash the ship into the Undercity, sacrificing himself to do so. (PROSE: Original Sin)