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Praxilion was a planet inhabited by Praxilions and ruled by the Red Queen. Several million years after the Epoch of Mass Time Travel, Edwina McCrimmon arrived in a lifeboat, carried by a time rupture from 20th century Earth, with no memory of who she was. She then pushed them into an industrial revolution, which drew the Consolidator to the planet. The Red Queen ordered the exploration of the vessel, discovering an Infinite Cocoon and an Axumillary Orb, and eventually unleashing the Sild. They ravaged the planet, using time ruptures to send all of Praxilion's oceans and atmosphere to Earth. The Third Doctor and the Master arrived after the ravaging, and were sent by the Queen back in time to when the planet was still being ravaged. The Doctor and the Master defeated the Sild, erasing all their damage and turning Praxilion peaceful again. (PROSE: Harvest of Time)

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