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Prelude Human Nature (short story)

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Prelude Human Nature
Prelude Human Nature
Main setting: Hulton College, Farringham, 1914
Key crew
Writer: Paul Cornell
Illustrator: Phil Bevan
Release details
Printed in: DWM 226
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Prelude Human Nature was, as the name suggested, a prelude to Human Nature by Paul Cornell. It was a short scene which did not appear in the published novel, and featured Alexander Shuttleworth and Joan Redfern. It was notable for introducing the character of Wolsey, a cat who travelled with the Seventh Doctor in the Virgin New Adventures series.

Summary Edit

Alexander Shuttleworth has come to give a lecture to Joan Redfern's WI group in Farringham on the subject of bronze age archaeology. Before he does so, however, he enjoys a bit of cake, and a bit of scrutiny, provided by the other women in the group. Meanwhile, an off-hand comment by one of the women about Joan's widowhood sends Joan into deep thought about her lost husband. This then triggers another thought — one of a dream she had about her new colleague, the mercurial Dr John Smith.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Consistent with the novel, the spelling Boadicea is used because the speaker isn't John Smith who prefers the spelling Boudica.
  • There is no punctuation in the title as printed in DWM.
  • Shuttleworth knows Wolsey by name, and the cat displays affection for him.
  • It's here, and not in the the main book itself, that we find out that Joan's husband died in the Boer War.
  • We explicitly find out here that Joan hates being a science teacher.
  • Cornell's depiction of John Smith refers to his "charmingly mobile face" — a valid way of describing an obvious trait Sylvester McCoy gave the Seventh Doctor.
  • The events actually take place during the events of PROSE: Human Nature.

Continuity Edit

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