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The President of Androzani Major (also known as Trau President) was the leader of the people on Androzani Major. He was well liked by the people and had a good friendship with Morgus. The president looked younger than his age, due to regular doses of spectrox. He witnessed the Fifth Doctor and Peri, suspected of gun-running to Sharaz Jek on Androzani Minor, being executed. In the president's earlier days, people who were criminals were shot in the back.

Unknown to the President, Morgus was supplying Sharaz Jek weapons for Jek's android army. Morgus had contact with Stotz, a gun-runner supplying Jek with the guns. Morgus had a conversation with Stotz on the video screen and saw the Doctor alive. He believed the execution was a fake and thought that the President had figured out his connection with the gun-runner.

Later, the President met with Morgus, who told the President that someone was plotting to assassinate him. Morgus suggested he go somewhere safe. As the President was about to leave, Morgus told him to use his private lift. Morgus made as if to shake the President's hand, but instead pushed him into the elevator shaft, causing the President to fall to his death. (TV: The Caves of Androzani)