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President of Great Britain (Rise of the Cybermen)

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President of Great Britain
President Rise of the Cybermen
Species: Human
Place of origin: Pete's World
Appearance: Rise of the Cybermen
Main actor: Don Warrington
Memorable moment
Surrounded by the Cybermen - Doctor Who - Rise of the Cybermen - BBC03:52

Surrounded by the Cybermen - Doctor Who - Rise of the Cybermen - BBC

The President of Great Britain on a parallel Earth in 2007 was friends with Peter and Jackie Tyler.

John Lumic hoped to gain government approval for cyber-conversion and unveiled him this concept. The meeting didn't flourish in Lumic's credence however, as the President made it abundantly clear he would not allow such a repugnant thing to change humanity. Affronted at receiving no approbation, Lumic had him murdered by one of many Cybermen at Jackie Tyler's birthday party. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)

He was succeeded by Harriet Jones, who remained in office into 2010. (TV: Doomsday)

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