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The Prison Station was where Davros was kept in suspended animation.

Seeking help against the Movellan virus, the Daleks decided to attack the station and retrieve Davros so he could provide that help. The Dalek Supreme was on a single Dalek Battlecruiser which quickly destroyed the station's defence fighters. The cruiser then opened fire on the station, killing the Captain and half the crew. A small contingent of Daleks then stormed the ship, backed up by their Dalek duplicate troopers led by the mercenary Gustave Lytton who, after killing Osborn, released Davros.

Davros pretended to aid the Daleks, but actually he was creating his own army, using a device to take control of a few humans and a trio of Daleks, starting the Dalek Civil War. The station was the site of the first battle, along with the Dalek Ship and the London docklands in the 1980s linked via a time corridor. The Fifth Doctor later infected the Daleks with the Movellan virus. All the station's crew eventually died before Stien activated the ship's self-destruct function, destroying both it and the Dalek ship docked with it. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)