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Prisoners of Time was a 12-issue comic book miniseries produced by IDW to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. Released monthly throughout 2013, each of the first eleven parts featured a different Doctor, which led up to the final, multi-Doctor issue in December.

Issues Edit

# Title Doctor Companion(s) Enemy/ies Released
1 Unnatural Selection First Doctor Ian, Barbara, Vicki Zarbi 29 January 2013
2 Bazaar Adventures Second Doctor Jamie, Zoe Voraxx 28 February 2013
3 In With the Tide Third Doctor Sarah, Liz, the Brig Remoraxians 20 March 2013
4 A Rare Gem Fourth Doctor Leela, K9 Judoon 17 April 2013
5 In Their Nature Fifth Doctor Adric, Nyssa, Tegan Rutans, Sontarans 29 May 2013
6 Façades Sixth Doctor Peri, Frobisher The Master, Autons 26 June 2013
7 Cat and Mouse Seventh Doctor Ace The Master 31 July 2013
8 The Body Politic Eighth Doctor Grace The Overseers 28 August 2013
9 Mystery Date Ninth Doctor Rose Adam Mitchell 2 October 2013
10 Quiet on the Set Tenth Doctor Martha Dominators, Quarks 6 November 2013
11 The Choice Eleventh Doctor Clara Adam, the Master 13 November 2013
12 Endgame all eleven everyone captured Adam, the Master 20 November 2013

Collected Editions Edit

Title Issues collected Publication date
Prisoners of Time Volume 1 POT 1 - 4 28 May 2013
Prisoners of Time Volume 2 POT 5 - 8 24 September 2013
Prisoners of Time Volume 3 POT 9 - 12 18 December 2013
Prisoners of Time: The Complete Series POT 1 - 12 14 January 2014
Doctor Who Archives: Prisoners of Time POT 1 - 12 20 January 2016

Notes Edit

  • Although the comic stories from this miniseries originally had no titles, each of them received a title in the graphic novels.
  • Façades is spelled "Facades" in the contents of Doctor Who Archives: Prisoners of Time, but the beginning of Chapter 6 gives the established spelling "Façades".

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