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Prologue: The Fifth Doctor (comic story)

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Prologue: The Fifth Doctor
Prologue The Fifth Doctor
Doctor: Fifth Doctor
Companion(s): Peri
Main enemy: Cybermen
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: Titan Comics
Writer: George Mann and Cavan Scott
Release details
Printed in: 10DY2 13
Release date: 10 August 2016
Format: Comic
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Supremacy of the Cybermen prologues
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Prologue: The Fifth Doctor was one of several prologues to the miniseries Supremacy of the Cybermen, published by Titan Comics.

Summary Edit

While travelling through the Time Vortex, the TARDIS is suddenly caught in a time corridor that the Fifth Doctor finds familiar. After the TARDIS is forced to land, Peri asks where they've ended up. The Doctor tells her they're on Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks. However, when they step out of the TARDIS, instead of encountering the Daleks, they encounter the Cybermen.

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