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Prologue: The Sixth Doctor was one of several prologues to the miniseries Supremacy of the Cybermen, published by Titan Comics.

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The Sixth Doctor and Mel run up to the Inquistor and inform her that the Valeyard has just escaped into the Matrix and must be brought back. The Inquisitor agrees, allowing the Doctor to open up the Seventh Door. Mel hesitates, feeling that something is wrong. The Doctor waves off her concern, thinking she is talking about the Valeyard. The two run into the Matrix, only to find that it has been taken over by the Cybermen.

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  • The events of this comic are an alternate version of some of the events that occurred at the Sixth Doctor's trial. Differences include Mel's clothes and hairstyle, the fact that Mel went with the Doctor into the Matrix, and the fact that Sabalom Glitz, who was the one who originally went with the Doctor into the Matrix, and the Keeper of the Matrix, who was the one who provided the key to open the Seventh Door, are strangely absent from these events. (TV: The Ultimate Foe)