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This property gives the first appearances of several characters, objects, organisations and species.

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!Ci!ci-tel +Walking to Babylon (novel)  +
"Cash Cow" +Meat (TV story)  +
"Children of Tomorrow" +Horror of Glam Rock (audio story)  +
"Clara" (song) +Hell Bent (TV story)  +
"Grey alien" +Dreamland (TV story)  +
"Patient Zero" (Sleep No More) +Sleep No More (TV story)  +
VSAI 001 +Fugitives (audio story)  +
1 Wellington Road +For Tonight We Might Die (TV story)  +
Nurse 1 (Spare Parts) +Spare Parts (audio story)  +
Ood 1 (The Magician's Apprentice) +The Magician's Apprentice (TV story)  +
Orderly 1 (Frontios) +Frontios (TV story)  +
Raxacoricofallapatorian 1 (The End of Time) +The End of Time (TV story)  +
Thing 1 +Terror of the Sontarans (audio story)  +
Time Lord 1 (Exile) +Exile (audio story)  +
Wraith 1 (Daleks Among Us) +Daleks Among Us (audio story)  +
10 Downing Street +Aliens of London (TV story)  +
101 Places to See +The Bells of Saint John (TV story)  +
107 Baker Street +The Haunting of Thomas Brewster (audio story)  +
107/012A +City of the Damned (comic story)  +
11 Cardinal Road +Knock Knock (TV story)  +
13 Bannerman Road +Invasion of the Bane (TV story)  +
NI/cian 137 +The Tartarus Gate (audio story)  +
16 Alpha Leonis One +Eternity Weeps (novel)  +
1st Team +For Tonight We Might Die (TV story)  +
Ood 2 (The Magician's Apprentice) +The Magician's Apprentice (TV story)  +

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