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The Provisional Wing of the National Viewers and Listeners Association was a group of humans on Earth who refused to watch the Xyz television programme Surrender, Earthlings! The members were Reg Atkinson, his son Tim, Mrs Cooper and the Reverend Vincent N'kabe.

Seeing that Nyssa was immune to the addictive nature of the programme, they "recruited" her for their group by kidnapping her. They told her about the programme and entertained ideas for ending it. Mrs Cooper suggested they bomb the BBC, so Reg constructed a bomb, and the group drove to the BBC offices.

When the security guard refused to let them in, Reg tried to talk to him, but ended up watching the programme in the security kiosk. The others, investigating his disappearance, followed suit, leaving Nyssa alone. (PROSE: Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life)

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