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Public bulletin 2

A public bulletin announces the execution of Leela. (TV: The Sun Makers)

A public bulletin was an announcement, broadcast by the Company via the public video system. On Pluto the content of these bulletins was decided upon by the Collector and varied in their content, from news of tax increases to warnings.

When the Fourth Doctor arrived on Pluto and was released from the Correction Centre, a bulletin announced a bounty of 5000 talmars for information leading to his death or capture.

This was followed by a second bulletin informing the population that the execution of Leela could be watched in person for 5 talmars, or on the video screens around the city. This was in turn followed by a live broadcast of the execution.

The Fourth Doctor took over the public video system and used it to broadcast a bulletin announcing that the Citizens' Revolution had taken over Megropolis One. (TV: The Sun Makers)

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