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Putting the Shock into Earthshock

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Putting the Shock into Earthshock
Putting the Shock into Earthshock
Subject: The making of Earthshock
Original to the DVD: Earthshock
Runtime: 32 mins
Key crew
Interviewees: Steve O'Brien, Peter Davison, Mark Gatiss, Gary Russell, Eric Saward, Ian Levine, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton, David Banks, Tim Collins MP, Gary Gillatt, Steven Moffatt

Putting the Shock into Earthshock was a 2|entertain DVD documentary about the making of the Doctor Who serial Earthshock. As a general overview of the production of the serial, it covered many topics including; its effect on viewers and the surprise return of the Cybermen was discussed, as was their redesign.

Main subject Edit

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Additional topics covered Edit

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People interviewed Edit

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