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Quasimodo Dalek was the name the Eleventh Doctor used to identify a robotic Dalek constructed by a team of archaeologists in France. The Dalek casings from which Quasimodo Dalek was constructed initially belonged to drones of the New Dalek Paradigm that took part in the Dalek Project, but they were killed when the Doctor sent Survey Ship Sigma crashing to the ground in 1917. The archaeologists discovered the wreckage of Survey Ship Sigma in 2017 and used it in an attempt to reconstruct the casing of one of the Daleks to study it, creating Quasimodo Dalek. Some time after it was constructed, the Dalek came to life and murdered Pierre, the excavation leader, and attempted to return power to the Dalek saucer while killing the archaeologists. It was destroyed by Damien Lightner and the Doctor in a digger but not before it connected the saucer up to a power line, allowing the surviving Daleks inside to revive. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

Appearance Edit

Since the archaeologists did not know what a Dalek was, the design of Quasimodo Dalek, while still retaining the same basic shape, differed significantly from that of other Daleks: the Dalek eyestalk was replaced with a Dalek gun; the Dalek lights were replaced by globes; the manipulator arm and gunstick were replaced by eyestalks; and the globes on the bottom half of the casing and solar panels around the middle were swapped around. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)