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Queen was the title of the female head of state under a monarchical system of government, or that of the consort if the head of state was a king.

The fact that a society was ruled by a queen sometimes indicated that society was matriarchal in nature (though not always, as in the case of late 16th and 20th century Earth).

"Queen" was also often used to denote the key member and progenitor of insect colonies, potentially leading to confusion when dealing with sentient insectoid races. However the hierarchical nature of many of these species and their cultures effectively makes them monarchies.

Queens and their domains Edit

Insectoid races led by queens Edit

The Mantasphids were a bioluminescent species of insect and were led by the Mantasphid Queen, who was much larger than all the other Mantasphids. (TV: The Infinite Quest)