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According to Erimem, Ra was the Egyptian sun god that once lived among the Egyptians as a human. The queen of the Osirans, Sekhmet, was born from Ra's eye to slaughter Ra's enemies. Sekhmet herself referred to herself as "the eye of Ra". She said that her breath "created the desert" and over it, she sent Sutekh to rule.

Erimem said that killing Ra's enemies gave Sekhmet a taste for blood and began to kill all life. Ra ordered a high priest at Heliopolis to pour beer that was dyed with the juice of pomegranates as bait for Sekhmet. Sekhmet drank this lake of "blood" and became stupefied by the alcohol. She was trapped in a tomb of salt, or trisilicate, which the Fifth Doctor pointed out was a spaceship which was sent into space. Inside the ship, she was also bound by a blood lock, requiring the blood of four female royals. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

Though not directly stated, as Sekhmet herself was an Osiran, this would presumably make Ra an Osiran.

Ediphis asked Ra to forgive him for attacking the "god" Thoueris. (COMIC: The Power of Thoueris!)

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