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Race Against Time (novel)

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Race Against Time
Race against time UK
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Peri
Main enemy: The Rani
Key crew
Publisher: Severn House
Writer: Pip & Jane Baker
Release details
Release number: 6
Release date: 28 August 1986
Format: Paperback Book, ? Pages
ISBN 0-7278-2116-4 (UK edition)
ISBN 0-345-33228-8 (US Edition)
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Make Your Own Adventure
also called Find Your Fate
Invasion of the Ormazoids none
Race Against Time is the sixth and last in a series of "choose-your-own-adventure" style gamebooks, titled Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who in the UK and released in the US in Ballantine Books' Find Your Fate line.

Publisher's summary Edit

UK edition Edit

Have you ever longed to climb aboard the TARDIS and enter another dimension? Meet the Doctor and join him in outwitting his enemies? Well, now's your chance! All you need is a pair of dice, a pencil, a little bit of luck and all your wits about you. Ready?

Somewhere deep in the Universe the Rani is planning an evil experiment to plunge the Earth back into primeval slime. Only the Doctor — and you — can locate her fiendish Time Destabilizer and save the world! Now open the covers and join the Doctor in an adventure through Time and Space...

US edition Edit

YOU and the Doctor must join forces to find and destroy the most awesome device ever created in a RACE AGAINST TIME.

Doctor Who is the world's greatest Time Lord, but an awful calamity has befallen him. Along with YOU and his companion Peri, the Doctor is caught in Time Limbo — the worst possible place for a Time Lord to be!

Your goal is to help the Doctor reach and defuse the Time Destabilizer, an invention that threatens not just the Solar System, not just the Galaxy, but the entire Universe! If you fail, you will be suspended for all eternity in a vacuum with no light, no dark, no beginning, no end.

This is the biggest challenge you've ever faced. The decisions you make will shape the destiny of all life in the galaxy, so do your best to FIND YOUR FATE.

Characters Edit

Associated images Edit

This book was illustrated throughout by Gail Bennett, who also drew the cover for the UK edition. The full page illustrations are shown below:

References Edit

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Notes Edit


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