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Radcliff appeared to be a human from Earth but was actually a Zantoran from Zantor.

He and Lettice Butts were all that was left of their planet after it was obliterated by the Garvak posing as a human named Abel Crumpton. He had stolen the Egg of Abundance that contained the genetic imprint of Zantoran life, and it was Radcliff and Lettice's mission to retrieve it.

When Lettice and Harry Sullivan had been captured by Crumpton, Radcliff was able to track Harry and rescue him. He took Harry to the secret base of DOCTO(R), where they received information on the Egg's whereabouts. They tracked the Egg through several locations before they finally found it in Crumpton's possession. First they rescused Lettice. After switching the Egg for an egg, the three managed to destroy the Garvaks, and Radcliff and Lettice took the Egg to another world to seed it. (PROSE: The Man from DOCTO(R))