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Radio Times is a weekly BBC magazine that publishes television and radio program listings.

1990 Edit

Radio Times (17-23 November 1990)

1993 Edit

Radio Times (20-26 November 1993)

  • BROADCAST OF: Dimensions in Time
  • The 30th Anniversary of Doctor Who was marked by Dimensions in Time, a 3D television event, in association with the BBC's annual Children in Need appeal. The special glasses sold in aid of the charity enhanced viewing of several programmes broadcast throughout the week.

1996 Edit

Radio Times (3 January 1996)

  • Caught on Camera: New Doctor Paul McGann filming in Canada shown not in costume.

Radio Times (16-22 March 1996)

  • COVER TAG: Meet the new Time Lord using the older established Doctor Who diamond logo.
  • Who is McGann this time? ("From monocled mutineer to sixties drop-out, Paul McGann is a man of many parts. As we watch him playing an SAS hero on TV this week he'll be hard at work in Canada, transforming himself into the eighth Doctor Who. Geoff Ellis reports") The many faces of Paul McGann include a prop TARDIS console from one of the Doctor Who exhibitions.
  • Also of Who note is a semi regular feature, 'Where are they now?', which tracks down former companion Wendy Padbury- with no obvious programme to plug.

Radio Times (16-22 March 1996)

  • COVER TAG: The Beginners Guide The X Files /Doctor Who Behind the Scenes
  • Inside the TARDIS “As Paul McGann gets into his role as the new Doctor Who, Alison Graham joins him on location in Vancouver – see overleaf” Exclusive first pictures from the movie and the TARDIS interior. (Three colour pages)

Radio Times (25-31 May 1996)

  • BROADCAST OF: Doctor Who The Movie
  • COVER TAG: It's time to return... Doctor Who the movie Spring Bank Holiday Monday, BBC1. 16-page Time Lord souvenir inside
  • A 16 page supplement is attached to the middle of this issue looking back at the classic series and ahead to the TV movie - with a new Doctor Paul McGann and new-look TARDIS.
  • Incidental features/mentions include; 'Pick of the Week', 'Pick of the Day' and 'Next Week:' “What's the future for Doctor Who? Find out in our new sci-fi page – and don't miss our new Doctor Who comic strip”
  • A page of readers' offer included a full set of high quality postcards each depicting a Radio Times Doctor Who cover and various Movie tie-ins.
  • A further offer was made to readers for an exclusive Eigth Doctor in the TARDIS poster with collectable tokens.

Radio Times (1-7 June 1996)

  • This issue, in anticipation of a new relaunch for Doctor Who following the movie release, (and the huge success of 'The X Files' among others),began a regular page sci-fi feature that included ongoing comic strip adventures for the Eighth Doctor. The page was later abandoned and the comic strip had its run ended early.
  • SCI-FI PAGE: “Welcome to our new weekly sci-fi page – if it's out there, it's in here! All the latest news plus the adventures of the new Doctor in our exclusive comic strip.” (Most of the page is given over to the strip and the Eighth Doctor.)

1998 Edit

Radio Times (22-27 November 1998)

1999 Edit

Radio Times (13-19 November 1999)

  • Keeping Doctor Who fresh in the publics eye this cover marked an evening of Doctor Who viewing on UK television (See Doctor Who Night)
  • This specially commissioned Dalek portrait, shot by Lord Snowdon, was originally used as a stamp design.

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The BBC's official Radio Times website

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