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The Radio Times Doctor Who the Companions Collectors' Edition was a special one-off magazine offered by the Radio Times via mail-order in November 2010 following the same pattern and success as the recent Radio Times Doctor Who Collectors' Edition Tenth Doctor.

Main focus Edit

A fully illustrated collection of cover shoots and Radio Times rare exclusive photographs covering the companions of Doctor Who series up to and including The Big Bang along with new interviews.

Publisher's summary Edit

Collector's edition packed with exclusive rare photographs.

* 164-page glossy special
* includes never-before seen photographs and material from the RT archive
* Profile of every companion from Ace to Zoe
* The companions in their own words
* RT exclusive

Contents Edit

Notes Edit

  • Features for each companion include character guide, dates and associated Doctors, memorable moments and "In Their Own Words" gives quotes taken from RT interviews. All photographs are captioned.
  • Mel's surname "Bush" is never given on screen, even though her character outline was given a surname.
  • The Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart's surname in the listings is not hyphenated.
  • In 2003, before the series returned to screen, Radio Times readers voted Sarah Jane Smith and K9 as as favourite companions 1 and 2 respectively. A similar poll in 2010 giving the top five companions read; Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna Noble, K9 and Amy Pond. (The top 36 are listed)
  • The inside covers present an updated gallery of all the Radio Times Doctor Who covers up to 2010.

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Publication history Edit

  • This limited Collectors Edition softback-only title was not available in shops, and ordered direct priced £9.99 (UK). Titles to carry advertising included Radio Times, Doctor Who Magazine, Doctor Who Adventures, and The Mirror newspaper.