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Ragnar sat on the Temporal Scanning Service's oversight committee, and was thus a member of the High Council. He served at the same time as Sardon and Milvo, and was directly involved in the recruitment of the Second Doctor to work for the Celestial Intervention Agency (PROSE: World Game) following the events with the War Lord. (TV: The War Games) At the time, he was nearing regeneration. Although physically frail and elderly, "thin to the point of emaciation" he was still a most effective member of the committee. He was a Prydonian. (PROSE: World Game)

Ragnar was a Time Lord Councillor, the most senior member of the sub-committee that oversaw the Temporal Scanning Service's work. He was comfortable in this post, which was mostly rubber-stamping (approving) reports and unhappy about the proof of temporal interference because it meant they would have to interfere in order to stop it. Nevertheless he did not hesitate to perform his duty and proclaim the damage to time must be corrected, even when Milvo concentrated on the hypocrisy of their interference when the Second Doctor was about to be executed for what they were about to do. (PROSE: World Game)

Ragnar was nearing the end of his current life. He was considered the most effective member of the group and his mental powers were still very strong. He was serious by nature, and Milvo's humour was a source of annoyance. He shared Milvo's unease at Sardon, knowing the latter was probably far more powerful than anyone else in the sub-committee, but Sardon never challenged his authority. It was Ragnar's task to send the Doctor on his recon mission to Earth but he did so reluctantly, thinking it was all a waste of time. He refused to hear the Doctor's report of temporal disturbances on his recon because he considered it a distraction from the originally set schedule. (PROSE: World Game)