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Main aliases: Reldath
Species: Time Lord
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Appearances: AUDIO: The Sirens of Time, The Apocalypse Element, Appropriation
Main actor: Andrew Fettes
Raldeth (or Reldath ) was a commander in the Chancellery Guard of Gallifrey.

During the Dalek invasion of Gallifrey, he was the leader of the Guards working to repel the Dalek forces. (AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element)

When the other Temporal Powers invaded Gallifrey in the aftermath of the Gallifreyan Civil War, Raldeth assisted Commander Maxil in the defence of the planet. (AUDIO: Appropriation)

In an alternative timeline, he met Coordinator Vansell when he returned to Gallifrey and took him to see the Lord President. (AUDIO: The Sirens of Time)

He was killed during the explosion of the Monan Host embassy cause by the Warpsmith of Phaidon. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

Behind the scenes Edit

The character's name has been spelled and pronounced both "Raldeth" and "Reldath."


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