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Doctor Ramsden worked at the Royal Leadworth Hospital in 2008. She was in charge of the Coma Ward.

One of the nurses, Rory Williams, told Ramsden that the ward patients were talking. Ramsden did not believe this since they were in comas. She reacted by being pointlessly angry with him. At that moment, the coma patients started repeating the word "Doctor". She told Rory that Doctor Carver had told her that Rory had told him he had seen seen the coma patients walking in the village. Rory offered his phone to Ramsden with pictures proving this claim. Ramsden's pager went off before she could look at it. Late for her next appointment, she told Rory to take time off.

Later on, during the evacuation of Leadworth Hospital, Ramsden was attending to Barney Collins. At that point, Prisoner Zero came through a vent and seems to have killed Ramsden along with all the nurses on that floor. (TV: The Eleventh Hour)

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