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Rana Salienti was a bidder at an Enormous Storage Co. auction in Earth orbit. She had outbid Eileen when she won a storage pod which contained a miniscope. When the Twelfth Doctor's made a bid toward a pod belonging to Hyphen T Hyphen, it was forfeited to Rana because the Doctor had no money with him. Rana had the pod opened and was eaten by a Rigellan Hyper-Kraken Hyphen had collected. (COMIC: Space Invaders!)

Behind the scenes Edit

Roger Langridge's lettering in Space Invaders! renders Rana's name in two different ways: Rana refers to herself as "Rana Salientia", although this appears to be a quirk of her phonetically written foreign accent, as later in the comic, the auctioneer refers to her as "Rana Salienti".

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