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A Nazi spy who purported to be Polly Wright's uncle Pilot Officer Randolph Wright encountered the Second Doctor and Polly while they were travelling overland with the French Resistance in February 1944. Polly believed that she was actually meeting her uncle at a time before he had been captured and imprisoned by the Nazis. Instead, he was working for the Gestapo, infiltrating French resistance cells in Vichy France. Though his cover story matched Polly's expectations of her uncle in almost every detail, he only knew that Randolph had a nephew, Polly's elder brother. The fact that he did not know of the real Randolph's then one-year-old niece Polly made the older Polly realise that he was an imposter. (AUDIO: Resistance)

Behind the scenes Edit

Resistance never gives listeners an indication of this individual's real name, or indeed his nationality. He was certainly working for the Germans, but he may not have been German himself.