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Raptor was an informal name for a specific family of dinosaurs. One specific type was the Velociraptor.

Professor Saurian used raptors as his servants. (COMIC: Extinction Event)

A species of raptor was among the species placed aboard the Silurian Ark to repopulate the Earth with after the catastrophe the Silurians incorrectly predicted had passed. When Solomon came aboard the Ark, he was cornered and attacked by three raptors, which badly mutilated his legs before he was saved by two robots.

In the 24th century, when the Eleventh Doctor and his companions came aboard the Silurian Ark, John Riddell and Amy Pond kept several attacking raptors out of the Ark's control room, using electric tranquillisers to knock them out. (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

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