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Ravus Oldeman was a research scientist.

He was in charge of a six-member research project on Akoshemon's only moon to create a human-Akoshemon hybrid capable of autonomous self-stasis. However, the resulting creation, the Bloodhunter, killed the other five researchers. Oldeman managed to survive by putting himself in suspended animation. But because he was in a hurry, he aged during the hibernation process.

Over 150 years later, in 2382, the laboratory was found by the Fifth Doctor and a group of miners masquerading as archaeologists. Oldeman was revived, and eventually was forced to admit that not only did he run the project, but released the Bloodhunter to learn its capabilities. His own creation finally killed him, and Oldeman's blood was used by the Dark to reconstitute itself. (PROSE: Fear of the Dark)

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