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Rawbone was a small town in Wales which was studied by the Juniper Project.

History Edit

In 1987, the government secretly tested an alien device near Rawbone, sterilising the whole town. The last natural births were Sasha, Davydd and Nerys. In 1991, Torchwood and the government started giving Scions to the inhabitants of Rawbone to replace their children. The government started studying Rawbone and the Scions. They isolated the town and moved the Juniper Tree to a laboratory outside Rawbone.

In 2011, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams and Anwen Williams came to Rawbone on the run. The appearance of a real human child disturbed the people of Rawbone. Rhys and Gwen were flirted with and Gwen was nearly raped by Constable Tony Brown. Sasha became obsessed with Anwen and tried to kill her Scion son Billy. Jenny stole Anwen, believing that if she had a child she would become a real human.

These actions made the leaders of the Juniper Project accelerate their plans. They activated a soldier Scion, Sebastian, and told him to destroy the inhabitants of Rawbone. He decided to take over the world instead and took command of the Scions. Before they could do so, Jenny stepped in and took control; her attempt to become an adult worked and allowed her to command the other Scions. They confronted Sebastian and killed him. After this, the town returned to normal, using the money they got from blackmailing the government about their decisions. (PROSE: First Born)

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