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Raymar was an Egyptian general. At one time he was the personal adviser to Cleopatra VII, but Mark Antony demoted him for not being Roman. Cleopatra, however, still held him in high regard.

He met Erimem and Andy Hansen after they saved Cleopatra's life and he formed a friendship with Erimem because she took the time to speak and joke with him in his own language. Raymar helped Erimem present an attack plan on the Roman navy to Antony and Cleopatra in an attempt to change history and save Egypt, but Mark Antony refused to attack his own people. Afterward, he helped Andy by sending one of Cleopatra's surgeons to help Ibrahim Hadmani after he'd been shot and then aided Erimem in a sneak attack on the cult that wanted to use her to bring back their leader. He was shot in the head and killed by Arthur Booth. (PROSE: The Last Pharaoh)

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