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Real Time (audio story)

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Real Time
Real Time cover
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Evelyn
Main enemy: The Cybermen
Main setting:
Earth (divergent timeline), 1951
Chronos, 3286
Far future
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Gary Russell
Director: Gary Russell
Post production: Alistair Lock
Cover by: Lee Sullivan
Release details
Release number: I
Release date: December 2002
Format: 2 CDs
Production code: BFPDWBBCiCD01
ISBN 1-903654-78-5
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Real Time was Big Finish Productions' audio release of the Real Time webcast that they co-produced with BBCi. This audio version of the webcast included extra scenes that were not included in the original webcast of the story. The final conclusions to this story and the consequences for Evelyn Smythe — namely her becoming the Cyberleader — were originally planned to be resolved in a sequel story. This story was never produced, and due to the actress's death, the continuity issues may never be resolved.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor is sent to Planet Chronos to find and bring back several survey mission teams that have vanished into thin air. Accompanied by his mature and loyal companion Dr Evelyn Smythe and a third survey crew, the team are close to solving the mystery, when a member of their gang mysteriously disappears. The Doctor realises that these disappearances are far more serious than they thought. The Cybermen couldn’t possibly be behind these strange goings on... could they?

Plot Edit

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Cybermen Edit

  • Goddard gives Evelyn a quick history of the Cybermen, mentioning their origins on Mondas, colonising, Mondas's destruction and the Orion Wars.

Theories and concepts Edit

  • Central to this story is a temporal paradox of Goddard's making. It is also one which is obviously resolved as Evelyn ends her travels with the Doctor on the planet Világ.

Notes Edit


Art by Roger Langridge from DWM 324

  • The CD includes interviews and various behind the scenes audio clips from the making of Real Time.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 19 March 2002 at The Moat Studios.

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