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Rebecca Front is an English actor who voiced Major Takol in the Big Finish Productions audio story The Mind's Eye, and Patricia Walton in the audio story The Jupiter Conjunction. She later appeared as Colonel Walsh in the Doctor Who episode The Zygon Invasion.

Front became well known due to her appearances in the satirical news show The Day Today, which also lead to other roles in its spin-off series, Knowing Me, Knowing You With Alan Partridge. Other comedy series she has starred in include Big Train, Up The Women, as well as The Thick of It, which also featured Peter Capaldi, who she appeared with in The Zygon Invasion.

She has also appeared in a number of drama series, including Humans, and in the recurring role of Chief Superintendent Jean Innocent in Lewis. Front has also narrated a number of documentary series, including The Special Needs Hotel.

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