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Doctor Renfrew was the director of Graystark Hall Orphanage, a children's home in America which had closed down. He remained in the home, unknowingly under the control of the Silence, to care for a little girl they were manipulating and brainwashing. (TV: Day of the Moon, Let's Kill Hitler)

In 1969, he was visited by Amy Pond and Canton Everett Delaware III, who were searching for the girl. By this time he had been driven mad, and believed it to be before 1967. However, he tried to help the two visitors. He was examining files with Canton when they were approached by a Silent, which Canton shot. After Canton heard Amy scream and ran upstairs, Renfrew followed to help. He found Canton, the Eleventh Doctor and Rory Williams examining an astronaut suit and led them to the wounded figure. (TV: Day of the Moon)

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