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DWAN 2012 SS ab Reptilodon
Biological type: Reptilian humanoid
Notable individuals: Major Mystan
Appearances: PROSE: Amy's Escapade / Rory's Adventure

The Reptilodon were a race of reptilian humanoids known and recognised by the Judoon as aggressors throughout the universe. These warriors were known to be patient in establishing an unassuming presence on a planet, allowing them to install and power up a transmit gate to enable the forces for invasion to arrive undetected on the planet when their invasion fleet were ready.

An attempted invasion of Spaceport One (a leisure and shopping complex on the outskirts of Dorfnan City), led by Major Mystan in the guise of a baker, was thwarted by Rory Williams and Amy Pond (acting independently), when they activated the transmit gate too early and the advance party were brought through only to be arrested by the waiting Judoon. (PROSE: Amy's Escapade / Rory's Adventure)

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