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Lord Reptu was one of the Panjistri involved in the creation of the God Machine. He escorted several Kirithons, including Darien, to Kandasi. When the Seventh Doctor and Ace visited the planet, he kept watch over them. He confronted Ace and Raphael when they discovered the Homunculus. When the Doctor, Ace, Raphael and Arun came to Kandasi, he revealed to them the Panjistri's history and their plans to create the God Machine. When the station's systems began failing, Arun and Reptu evacuated the other Panjistri to Kirith. After Kandasi was destroyed and the Panjistri and the Kirithons were forced to live together, Reptu promised to cure Arun's people. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)