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Reunion (comic story)

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The Forgotten
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Martha
Main enemy:
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Ben Templesmith
Penciller: Kelly Yates
Inker: Tsunami Studios, Richard Lee Ketcham, Brian K Shearer, John Wycough, Kelly Yates
Colourist: Kris Carter
Letterer: Richard Alan Starkings
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who: The Forgotten 6
Release date: January 2009
Format: Comic Book
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IDW mini-series and one-shots

Reunion was the sixth issue of The Forgotten comic series.

Plot Edit

As the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor finishes his threat, the real Doctor laughs mockingly. He claims to have known it was a bad fake made by the creature who was responsible for the entire mess, using bits and pieces of the Master, the Valeyard and the Meta-Crisis Doctor to fabricate a poor amalgam to bedevil the Doctor.

Infuriated at his plans being exposed, the being identifies itself: Es'Cartrss of the Tactire, a parasitic race known as the Cranial Parasites. It tells him of how his planet was one of the many the Daleks had stolen to power the Reality Bomb. He infiltrated the Crucible until its destruction, then entered the Doctor's TARDIS and attached itself to him in the effort that began the story.

The Doctor uses the distraction to flee and "Martha" gives him the final clues to realise what she truly is - the TARDIS' own mind, desperately trying to help its pilot shake off the parasite. The entire museum was actually the TARDIS matrix. Upon discovering this, the Doctor realises that the TARDIS could assume the form of anyone who had ever travelled with him.

Prompted by the Doctor, the TARDIS assumes a variety of disguises of many past companions geared for combat, such as Steven Taylor, Leela and Harry Sullivan, while the Doctor examines the baseball bat. He realises it was, in fact, a chameleon circuit covering the Great Key of Rassilon, the final key to the last door of the Matrix, the one the robots had been so desperate to keep them away from.

The TARDIS begins assuming other shapes better suited to specific tasks, like Kamelion, who shrugged off attacks by the Voc Robot and the Clockwork Droid to open the door with the Great Key; Sarah Jane Smith; and Adric, whose intellect allowed him to design a way to break the parasite's hold on the Matrix by blowing himself, the infected Matrix components and the droids, with one of Ace's old Nitro 9 cans.

Confronted by the last of the Tactire, the Doctor implements his plan - reminding the Matrix there was only one Time Lord in existence: himself. As he speaks, the power of the items he has gathered coalesces, and summons all of his other forms at once - ten Doctors against a Tactire. He offers his enemy a final chance and Escart'rss rejects it. Sighing, the Doctor asks the Matrix to eliminate all non-Time Lords from itself, purging the system of Escartr'ss.

The Doctors converse briefly. The Tenth is surprised, not realising it could be done, despite some squabbling and complaining on every side. Leaving his memories, the Doctor and "Martha" walk through the museum to the exit, modelled after the TARDIS. Having lost his key, the Doctor wonders how to open the doors, until Martha reminds him River Song already taught him how. Smiling, the Doctor thanks her and snaps his fingers. The doors open and flood the museum with light. Before leaving, he asks the TARDIS to assume a final form and she agrees.

Susan Foreman appears before her grandfather, who begs her forgiveness and asks if she's had a good life. She hugs him and soothes him, saying she understood his thoughts and that she always knew he was doing the right thing. She beckons him to walk into the light, and the dream ends.

The Doctor awakens inside the real TARDIS, and kicks the now-mindless Tactire out of the way. Reflecting how he's never truly alone with his oldest companion, he thanks her and decides to go on a little adventure - to Barcelona.

Characters Edit

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