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Revenge was the spacecraft the Stone family used following Jeff, Andy and Mary's critical role in the liberation of the planet Venus from the Daleks. Ostensibly a ship of the fleet of the Space Army, Revenge was pivotal to the battle for Skaro. From this command post, Jeff Stone conducted a penetration of the force shield surrounding Skaro so effective that he literally held the very existence of "the outlaw planet" in his hands. (PROSE: Break-through!)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Revenge may well have featured in other stories — Monsters of Gurnian and The Humanoids in particular — but it wasn't named in either of those stories. Because Break-through! carried no illustrations of the hull of Revenge, it's difficult to assert with certainty that Revenge looks anything like the vessel seen in Humanoids or Gurnian. That said, the implication seems to be that Revenge is the ship featured in the other stories of The Dalek Book.

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