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Revna was Lord Procurator Huldah's personal assistant on Kirith. She was the older sister of Darien and Kareena.

Secretly in love with Raphael, she was intensely jealous of his friendship with Ace and warned her to stay away from him. While spying on them, she overheard their plans to explore the forbidden harbours and reported this to Huldah. That night, when Raphael fled from the Panjistri laboratory where the Homunculus was kept, he told Revna what they had found there, but left angry when he realised it was she who had betrayed them.

Later, when the Kirithons who had learned the truth stirred up unrest by cutting off the zavát and power supplies and spreading the truth to others, Revna manipulated the situation to make Huldah look incompetent. The Panjistri arrived, put down the uprising and killed Huldah for his failure, promoting Revna in his place. After the Panjistri and the Kirithons were forced to live together, the Seventh Doctor predicted that she wouldn't last long. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)