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Richard Atkinson did illustrations for Decalog 3: Consequences [1] and designed cover art for a number of Short Trips collections, including Short Trips: The Centenarian. [2] In 1995, he created a website called The Doctor Who Books Page. A year later it was taken over by Daniel O'Malley and later became The Tardis Library.

Atkinson reviewed a number of Big Finish Productions audio dramas as a contributor to TV Zone magazine. Gary Russell joked that Atkinson would give scathing reviews as revenge for the author's inclusion of him as a character in The Scales of Injustice [3]

Atkinson was credited as a designer on Doctor Who Magazine issue 401. He also did freelance work for Doctor Who Adventures issues 50-69 and was among those thanked in Doctor Who Storybook 2009. Atkinson contributed a DVD review to Doctor Who Magazine issue 435.

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