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Richard Conway was the credited visual effects designer on the Doctor Who serials The Seeds of Doom, The Robots of Death, Underworld and The Invasion of Time. In addition, he and Colin Mapson were the uncredited visual effects assistants on The Green Death. (DWM 320)

He went on to have a long and distinguished career in special effects, mostly for theatrical films, and was still active as of 2011. Amongst the many films on which he's provided a leading role in the special effects department are: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Sunshine with Chipo Chung; Johnny English with Rowan Atkinson; Richard Curtis' Love Actually with Bill Nighy; and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen with Bill Paterson, Jonathan Pryce and Don Henderson. For this latter film, he received an Academy Award nomination, making him one of the few people associated with Doctor Who to ever be considered for the prize.

He won a BAFTA film Award for his work on Brazil. He is also a double Emmy winner — once for Alice in Wonderland (1999), featuring Joanna Lumley and Sheila Hancock, and again for the 1998 mini-series Merlin, starring Sam Neill.

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