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Rick "Crusty" Cobbe was a film star best known for his role as Rock Quasar. He featured in a series of popular serials on Earth. Rick was actually an alien who, along with a band of other alien actors, disguised themselves as humans so they could make films that would be appreciated. (Collectively their films failed on the Tri-D Holomovie circuit.) When they were unmasked by the Eleventh Doctor and ordered to leave Earth, he allowed them to complete their final serial Rock Quasar and the Mudslugs of Gurrn, so long as they gave Rory Williams (a big fan) a part in the film. (COMIC: Rock Quasar and the Mudslugs of Gurrn)

Behind the scenes Edit

Crusty Cobbe was named after Buster Crabbe who played Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in serials in the 1930s and the 1940s.

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