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Rickston Slade was a businessman who was aboard the starship Titanic when it was sabotaged.

The Tenth Doctor reacted to Slade's attitude by popping a champagne cork, soaking him and his friends. After the meteors struck the ship, Rickston was more concerned with his own survival than that of the group. He thought himself witty, making unkind jokes about Foon Van Hoff and her husband, Morvin, even when they were all fighting for survival.

Thanks in part to the efforts of the Doctor, Rickston was one of the few survivors of the disaster. He ended up a wealthier man, having previously transferred all of his shares to rival companies of Max Capricorn. Due to Rickston's inappropriate satisfaction at the conclusion of the Titanic's voyage, Mr Copper pointed out to the Doctor that, although Rickston would not have been the one person he would have chosen to survive, if the Doctor could decide who lived and who died, it would make him a monster. (TV: Voyage of the Damned)

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