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Rigellan Hyper-Kraken's eggs (Space Invaders!)

Rigellan Hyper-Kraken eggs

A Rigellan Hyper-Kraken was a tentacled creature that lay eggs. According to the Twelfth Doctor, it was "nasty" and could eat "anything", including inorganic material. Hyphen T Hyphen collected a Rigellan Hyper-Kraken mother and her eggs and put them into storage. When the storage pod was put up for auction, the mother was let out and began eating everyone at the auction. The dimensional shunt that moved the storage pod jolted the eggs, causing them to start hatching. The Doctor widened the focus of the station's dimensional shunt to shift the Kraken, her eggs and the storage pods to a backwater world before the eggs hatched so that they did not destroy Earth. He believed that the "kiddies" would eat everything in sight and then go dormant. (COMIC: Space Invaders!)

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