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The River Nile, also known as simply the Nile, was a river in Egypt.

History Edit

In ancient Egypt, an escaped alien criminal planned to harness the Nile's kinetic energy to power a tachyon pulse inverter. Its activation would have ignited Earth's atmosphere and burned half of its surface. The alien's plot was thwarted when the Eleventh Doctor recaptured it. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

The Eighth Doctor travelled down the Nile with Ediphis. The Osiran, Thoueris, hid in the Nile. She could control the crocodiles there with a ring. (COMIC: The Power of Thoueris!)

The Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown saw Cleopatra's barge travel down the Nile. (PROSE: State of Change)

Alternate timelines Edit

During the alternate timeline of the Year That Never Was, Martha Jones visited the Nile which had frozen over. (PROSE: The Story of Martha)

In another alternate timeline, penguins lived on the Nile. (TV: The Big Bang)

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