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Thames drained

The Thames after being drained of its water by the Tenth Doctor. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

The River Thames, also known as the Thames, was a river that ran through the heart of London.

It was the site (or close to the site) of many alien incursions.

The River Fleet ran into the Thames. (TV: The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

Sonning Palace was situated on the bank of the Thames. (AUDIO: The Doctor's Tale)

Incidents Edit

15th century Edit

In January 1400, pursued by Ian Chesterton, Sir Robert de Wensley slipped on ice on the bank of the Thames and fell into the water, where the current carried him away. (AUDIO: The Doctor's Tale)

19th century Edit

In February 1814, the river froze over after the Hyban Masoon landed in the area. The Tenth Doctor took Mai Kondo ice skating at this time. (WC: The Frozen) The First Doctor had already visited the 1814 frost fair with his companions Vicki Pallister and Steven Taylor. (AUDIO: Frostfire) The Doctor later went to the frost fair in the company of River Song. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) This became known as the "last of the great frost fairs." (AUDIO: Frostfire)

In 1833, the Fifth Doctor programmed the TARDIS and it materialised in the Thames. (AUDIO: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster)

In 1851, Thomas Brewster's mother committed suicide by throwing herself into the Thames. (AUDIO: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster)

In 1865, the TARDIS was recovered from the Thames and kept in the Creek's shop until the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa recovered it again in November 1867. (AUDIO: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster)

Swimsuit Strax

Strax prepares to swim in the River Thames. (PROSE: The Importance of Being Strax)

Sometime after 1988, Strax attended the annual New Year's Eve swim at the Thames. Jenny Flint, among many people, found the sight of Strax in a bathing suit hilarious. (PROSE: The Importance of Being Strax)

In the 1890s, the Sixth Doctor sank his TARDIS to the bottom of the mud in the Thames. He later retrieved it using a Stattenheim remote control. (AUDIO: The Hourglass Killers)

In 1894, a group of Zygons had a spacecraft under the Thames. (PROSE: The Body Snatchers)

20th century Edit

During the World Energy Conference in the 1970s, the Skarasen swam up the Thames following a Zygon tracking device. (TV: Terror of the Zygons)

The Fourth Doctor attempted to flush the Master out of the TARDIS by landing in the Thames and opening the doors. However, he landed on a boat instead. (TV: Logopolis)

A Dalek time corridor led to a warehouse not far from the Thames in 1984. (TV: Resurrection of the Daleks)

The Dusk Casino was located on the banks of the Thames. In 1999, the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe encountered the Forge's victims there. (AUDIO: Project: Twilight)

21st century Edit

In 2006, as part of a hoax to gain control of Earth's nuclear weapons, (TV: World War Three) members of the Slitheen family flew a spaceship through Big Ben and landed it in the Thames. (TV: Aliens of London)

The Waterhive lived in the Thames, having arrived there when the wreckage of a cruiser containing them was towed up the river. (PROSE: The Feast of the Drowned)

On 24 December 2007, the Thames was drained by the Tenth Doctor in order to stop the Racnoss. The Thames Flood Barrier had been built by the Torchwood Institute as a cover for a project to synthesise huon particles from water. (TV: The Runaway Bride)

During the Dalek invasion of Earth in 2009, the Daleks destroyed the Valiant while it was over the Thames. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

In 2010 an old Nadloon circus comedy cruiser crashed in the Thames. Sarah Jane Smith and her friends had recovered the cruiser from the Thames. (WC: Defending Bannerman Road)

In 2030, the river was artificially frozen over for the Dancing On Ice special. (WC: The Frozen)

In 2050, the Thames was polluted by chenium when Drake tried to replicate Mede technology. After the Medes were released, they cleaned up the pollution before departing. (TV: Alien Avatar)

22nd century Edit

In 2167, the TARDIS materialised on the bank of the Thames. Soon afterward, the First Doctor and Ian Chesterton were taken prisoner by a Dalek which rose from the Thames itself. Later, Susan Foreman left her TARDIS key on the riverbank after the Doctor dematerialised the TARDIS and left her behind to her new life. (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Parallel world Edit

In a parallel world, the Tenth Doctor died under the Thames by drowning in the resulting flood which defeated the Racnoss. His body and the TARDIS was retrieved by UNIT soldiers. (TV: Turn Left)

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