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Robert was a human who time travelled for thirty years.

When Robert was eight, his twin brother Christopher died of cancer just after Christmas. Robert's father left the family, and his mother committed suicide. When Robert found her dead in the kitchen, he wandered outside until he found a crashed time machine. He climbed into it and was linked to it. It asked him where he wanted to go, and he chose Christmas time as the last time he was happy. The machine took him through time to different Christmases.

On several of these journeys, Robert encountered the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom, who were unknowingly tracking the time machine's distress signal. They finally found Robert inside the machine, which looked like the eight-year-old Robert, only he was now in his thirties. They disconnected him from the machine, and he managed to get hold of the taranium in the Doctor's pocket. It de-aged him back to eight years old.

The Doctor took him back to the last happy Christmas, where he would take his brother's place, before his father left and his mother died. (PROSE: The Little Drummer Boy)