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You may be looking for the original Robin Hood.

Robin Hood was a virtual reality simulation of the legendary figure. He appeared in a simulation of Sherwood Forest in a museum. When K9 Mark 2, Jorjie Turner and Starkey visited the simulated Sherwood Forest in 2050, Robin Hood popped out of the trees. He insisted he was still there with his Major Oak and welcomed the visitors to Sherwood Forest. K9 said he should be shorter. K9 told the children he had met the real Robin Hood when people were shorter. When Starkey asked about his tights, Robin said it was the fashion of the time and it was chilly. K9 confirmed how Britain had averaged three degrees colder in the Middle Ages. Robin noted how pollution had changed that and how the "proud" oaks and the "beautiful" silver birches have been cut down or died out. He started to loop his last two words. This alerted the team to an alien threat. (TV: The Last Oak Tree)