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Robo Rampage was a comic story published in Free Comic Book Day 2016. It was later republished in the omnibus The School of Death.

Publisher's Summary

Osgood's on the phone - there's a giant robot rampaging through London!


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The Doctor


  • Osgood has the Doctor's phone number, but this is the first time she has used it.
  • Osgood believes herself to be ideal companion material, but finds her work on Earth more important given that peace with the Zygons depends on her.
  • Osgood states that she only goes out with her twin when things get really bad.
  • Osgood gives the Doctor's names as the Bringer of Darkness and the Gathering Storm. She also refers to him as the Roaring Wind of Righteousness. (See: Aliases of the Doctor)
  • The Doctor says that he's still getting used to "stereophonic Osgood".
  • Osgood is wearing a scarf modelled on the Fourth Doctor's. She states that is one of her favourite looks.



  • This story is a sequel to TV: Robot, featuring a robot based upon the original K1.
  • The story features Osgood but it is not clear whether that is the human or the Zygon.
  • This was the first Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor story to be set after TV: Hell Bent.
  • The Doctor still remembers the events of TV: The Zygon Inversion, supporting his statement that he still remembers the adventures he had with Clara, just not Clara. (TV: Hell Bent)
  • Coincidentally, the then-recent LEGO Dimensions game features a scenario in which Clara is menaced by the original K1.

Original print details

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  • Osgood recalls when the Fourth Doctor encountered K1, during the height of the Cold War. (TV: Robot)


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