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The Robot knight-mare - The Time Warrior - BBC03:04

The Robot knight-mare - The Time Warrior - BBC

The Robot Knight. (TV: The Time Warrior)

The Robot Knight was a robot created by the Sontaran Jingo Linx. It was made from a knight's armour and given to Irongron as a gift. It was activated by voice control.

Irongron used the robot to attack Hal the archer, who had tried to infiltrate his castle. However, the Third Doctor used a crossbow to shoot the control box from Irongron's hand. This caused the robot to go on a rampage.

Later, the Doctor masqueraded as a robot knight in order to gain access to the castle. Irongron requested the robot knight to fight him, so the Doctor was forced to take part in a sword battle with Irongron to uphold the disguise. The Doctor won, but Irongron discovered it was him. (TV: The Time Warrior)

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